Shutterbug Love at Untamed Heart Photography


Hand Embroidered Pleated skirt, Shutterbug Love

Shutterbug Love

The best thing about doing this job is the wonderfully creative people that we work with on a daily basis. Michelle of Untamed Heart Photography did a lovely post about us and our spring photo shoot. We will be doing a proper introduction to talented Michelle soon. In the meantime, check out her blog to see more lifestyle images from the Lali SS2015 collection: Summertide.

The Big Cheese Behind Lali, Kinnari

The Big Cheese

The “Big Cheese” behind Lali

We are starting a series of interviews to give you a glimpse behind the world of Lali.
First up is is the Big Cheese..Our owner and designer, Kinnari.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up all over India and then moved to Chicago as a young girl. Chicago feels like most “home” to me.

What was your most loved outfit from your childhood?
I wore a school uniform most days, so my closet was not full of fun dresses. In fact, I didn’t have my own closet like most kids here! But my favorite play clothes were a pair of flip flops and this one linen dress that looked very similar to our Princess Dress. I refused to let my mom get rid of it, even when it had holes! I was by no means a stylish child, all I wanted was something loose that kept me cool in the hot weather of India.

What did you want to be when you grow up?
I wanted to be a creator and inventor. I use to mash up leaves and create balm that would heal everything magically. I wanted to make a bed that would fly.. I was really a crafty kid which got me in trouble a lot. Once I cut up my mom’s silk Sari to make a dress!

What do you do that inspires you most in life?
Traveling and reading.. We are a family of travelers. I grew up moving around new places and making new friends and then moving to another place in few years.. It taught me to reinvent myself.. it also made me very adaptable. It forced me to open up, and look at what’s around me that I could engage with. I think when you move around and travel with an open mind, you find inspiration in unexpected places. I feel reading also does the same thing for me. It allows me to glance into worlds that I may not be able to experience. I read all genres but Children’s Lit. has a special place in my heart.

Two words to describe your self?
Kind and Klutzy

Two words that your friends use to describe you?
Culinary and determined

What is a surprising fact about you?
I have a Masters in Engineering