Keeping Summertime #LOCAL


There’s so much anticipation for summer, yet, when it finally rolls around there’s a pinch of dread.

Kids out of school means a LOT of unstructured time. Schedules change, longer days mean later bedtimes (“Mommy…It’s not dark yet!”) and filling up the day-to-day can get rough. Some turn to curated attractions: summer camps, trips to Disney, theme park adventures, all of which can drain your pockets like no other!

That’s why I’ve decided to take the ultimate stay-cation this summer. Getting to know my neighbors, taking walks to nearby shops and parks, and living it up at the farmer’s market! Honestly, I am most excited for making some memories for Aiden with the kids next door. Having my baby in the studio all day is a dream come true, but with each day he is getting more and more BORED. Throwing some other babes in the mix will be a relief and a great time to recharge with other moms!

How does your little one spend their summer days?



Happy Mother’s Day!


The desire to be a mom was never a question for me.

I am personally blessed to have the best mother in the world. She is patient, loving and utterly selfless. A woman truly fulfilled by her family.

As for me? I had good 35 years to think about what type of mom I wanted to be. And where I am today is not what I had planned!

I was going to be a career woman, wife, friend, and a mom. I didn’t want to be completely defined by motherhood; especially after spending 12 years ascending toward that corporate glass ceiling!

But the second Aiden came along, my whole world changed. It felt as though I had given birth to my heart which was no longer protected within my ribs. The thought of leaving my little boy in the care of anyone else felt impossible, and that life I had once dreamed about seemed thoroughly ridiculous. Just as my own mom, I found out that nothing was as fulfilling as motherhood.  So, I made choices that allowed me to spend my days watching my little boy grow. He’s become a part of our design studio, and he continues to grow, so does the brand!

Working Mommas: Cheree Berry Paper


If you’ve persused our Instagram lately,
you’ll see that we’re in the midst of a TAKEOVER by Cheree of Cheree Berry Paper!

How did this come about?

Owning your own fashion business has many wonderful perks, however it can feel isolating at times. To cure this, I have always made an effort to reach out to other creatives and entrepreneurs, locally. I recently met Cheree, mother of one daughter and two sons, artistic genius, and the owner and creative director of Cheree Berry Paper.

She is a Kate Spade veteran, with clients like Tina Fey and Target, and features in all sorts of Martha Stewart weddings! Right here in St. Louis! With all these accolades, you would thing she’d be an intimidating person to befriend. But she was just as exited to meet me as I was her. Cheree’s infectious energy and curiosity was SO refreshing. In the end, I found a warm, down to earth mom who I could call a friend.

Moreover, she regularly dresses her little Biz in the latest Lali duds. In celebration of Mother’s Day this week, check out her Instagram . We can’t help but be #BizzyPaparazzi

Sisterly Love: Meet the Models Inside Our Clothes


When we first started up, friends’ kids modeled everything for our shoots. We’d even have samples made especially in their size. As our brand has grown, and we’ve added baby items, the question arose:

“Should we hire models?”

A few summers ago, with the shoot rapidly approaching, I was stressing over who to put in these clothes we had spent so much time creating!

Lo an behold, amidst the suburban sidewalk, I met my long lost neighbors!

The most enduring and helpful family, with two lovely daughters, and one more on the way!

They did our SS2016 shoot, and from then on, we were hooked! Whether its a quick fitting,

“How does this look on an actual child?”

Or just a chance to twirl around, they always oblige. Being sisters makes modeling WAY more fun!
We inquired into their skills.

What is it like, working on the Lali photo shoots?
“It’s easy, we just get to hug and wear matching clothes!” 

And the best part?
Cheez Its.” 

We’re thrilled to have such playful little misses helping us out!
And we can’t wait until the launch of AW2017,
where there’ll be a fresh new baby face joining her older sisters.