Slaying the Creative Rut


The other day, I said this out loud in our studio:

“I feel like a fish in a very small bowl,
swimming in my own poop.”


This happens twice a year; while we are waiting on our samples to arrive from India and there are things to be done, but zero motivation. Usually, at the end of designing one collection, I am ready to go full speed ahead into the next one. But this year, I find myself going through the same old images in my head, thinking the same used-up thoughts. Nothing feels fresh or exiting.

After doing this for 3+ years, I realize that I should just walk away and let the inspiration come to me. And there was a time were I could waltz myself into distraction until the next wave of awesome hit me. But lately it has felt impossible to walk away. My arsenal is loaded with excuses: Aiden, business paperwork, renovating the studio, etc. So, I fall back on feeling like fish swimming in my own mental poop.

Turns out, the rest of the studio team has been feeling similarly. We started chatting about ways to refresh ourselves. Trips are being planned, books are being bought, and we are going to lock up the studio and force ourselves into the summer heat. There is certainly a seasonality to our creative process at Lali, we must endure the winter before spring (and spring is so much more fun to design!)

We looked into what other creative types are doing to keep the train moving.

What do YOU do when you’re in a creative desert?

P.S. All Lali musings are unofficially sponsored by Harney and Sons Teas :)