Happy Mother’s Day!


The desire to be a mom was never a question for me.

I am personally blessed to have the best mother in the world. She is patient, loving and utterly selfless. A woman truly fulfilled by her family.

As for me? I had good 35 years to think about what type of mom I wanted to be. And where I am today is not what I had planned!

I was going to be a career woman, wife, friend, and a mom. I didn’t want to be completely defined by motherhood; especially after spending 12 years ascending toward that corporate glass ceiling!

But the second Aiden came along, my whole world changed. It felt as though I had given birth to my heart which was no longer protected within my ribs. The thought of leaving my little boy in the care of anyone else felt impossible, and that life I had once dreamed about seemed thoroughly ridiculous. Just as my own mom, I found out that nothing was as fulfilling as motherhood. ┬áSo, I made choices that allowed me to spend my days watching my little boy grow. He’s become a part of our design studio, and he continues to grow, so does the brand!

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