Keeping Summertime #LOCAL


There’s so much anticipation for summer, yet, when it finally rolls around there’s a pinch of dread.

Kids out of school means a LOT of unstructured time. Schedules change, longer days mean later bedtimes (“Mommy…It’s not dark yet!”) and filling up the day-to-day can get rough. Some turn to curated attractions: summer camps, trips to Disney, theme park adventures, all of which can drain your pockets like no other!

That’s why I’ve decided to take the ultimate stay-cation this summer. Getting to know my neighbors, taking walks to nearby shops and parks, and living it up at the farmer’s market! Honestly, I am most excited for making some memories for Aiden with the kids next door. Having my baby in the studio all day is a dream come true, but with each day he is getting more and more BORED. Throwing some other babes in the mix will be a relief and a great time to recharge with other moms!

How does your little one spend their summer days?



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