Sisterly Love: Meet the Models Inside Our Clothes


When we first started up, friends’ kids modeled everything for our shoots. We’d even have samples made especially in their size. As our brand has grown, and we’ve added baby items, the question arose:

“Should we hire models?”

A few summers ago, with the shoot rapidly approaching, I was stressing over who to put in these clothes we had spent so much time creating!

Lo an behold, amidst the suburban sidewalk, I met my long lost neighbors!

The most enduring and helpful family, with two lovely daughters, and one more on the way!

They did our SS2016 shoot, and from then on, we were hooked! Whether its a quick fitting,

“How does this look on an actual child?”

Or just a chance to twirl around, they always oblige. Being sisters makes modeling WAY more fun!
We inquired into their skills.

What is it like, working on the Lali photo shoots?
“It’s easy, we just get to hug and wear matching clothes!” 

And the best part?
Cheez Its.” 

We’re thrilled to have such playful little misses helping us out!
And we can’t wait until the launch of AW2017,
where there’ll be a fresh new baby face joining her older sisters.

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