It’s Starting to Taste Like Summer!


Image by Beautiful Pictures of Healthy Food via Tumblr.

Summer is on the tip of our tongues and we can already hear the twinkle of the ice cream truck down the street. Take a big whiff! The smells of outdoor grilling and poolside chlorine are in the air. We’re ready for road trips and beaches and s’mores!

In fact, we’re craving the freshest of fruit that only grows during the hottest part of the year: Mangoes.

It happens every year as Spring gives way to the heat. As a little girl in India, Summer signaled the start of mango season for me. As children, my brother and I would sneak into the groves during early afternoon while the adults were taking naps. We’d go through great lengths to get the mangoes, sneaking past guards and climbing through wire fences! We had mangoes at home in the fridge, because they were in season and anybody could get them at the market. They were abundant, but stolen fruit tastes better!

Local produce, seasonal eating, and a little risk – that’s what Summer is all about! Bold flavors and bright colors cue the season change, and we couldn’t be more excited to taste all the adventures waiting, with you!

Kinnari, Owner and Designer

Share these creamy dreamy mango popsicles with your little ones!
Image by Heidi via FoodieCrush

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