Working Mommas: Cheree Berry Paper


If you’ve persused our Instagram lately,
you’ll see that we’re in the midst of a TAKEOVER by Cheree of Cheree Berry Paper!

How did this come about?

Owning your own fashion business has many wonderful perks, however it can feel isolating at times. To cure this, I have always made an effort to reach out to other creatives and entrepreneurs, locally. I recently met Cheree, mother of one daughter and two sons, artistic genius, and the owner and creative director of Cheree Berry Paper.

She is a Kate Spade veteran, with clients like Tina Fey and Target, and features in all sorts of Martha Stewart weddings! Right here in St. Louis! With all these accolades, you would thing she’d be an intimidating person to befriend. But she was just as exited to meet me as I was her. Cheree’s infectious energy and curiosity was SO refreshing. In the end, I found a warm, down to earth mom who I could call a friend.

Moreover, she regularly dresses her little Biz in the latest Lali duds. In celebration of Mother’s Day this week, check out her Instagram . We can’t help but be #BizzyPaparazzi

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